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Our comprehensive range of services are listed below:

Knocking In Service - £20
Includes Anti Scuff sheet and edge tape

Full Bat Service - £25
Stickers removed/retained, clean up, light sand, repair of minor splits and cracks, re-grip, oiled, scuff sheet and edge tape added

Major Repair from £15*

Split toe or other major damage to edges, shoulder or face of the blade

Service and Major Repair from £30*
Upon inspection of bat and damage

Re-griping - £5
A variety of colours and styles are available

Anti-Scuff Sheet and Edge Tape - £7

Supplied and fitted

Combined Re-grip and Anti-Scuff Sheet - £10
Supplied and fitted

Toe Guard - £10
Supplied and fitted

Rehandle - £40
Including a new grip

Weight Reduction from £20

*dependant on extent of damage

Please contact info@lbwcricketbatrepairs.co.uk for more advice and information or go to our contact page and complete the form.

It is highly recommended that you email us photos of your bat so a quote can be drawn up for the required work. There is no obligation and quotes are given free of charge.

Once your repairs have been quoted and you have agreed for the works to be carried out, you can either post your bat to us, and we will then carry out the works and ship your bat back to you using a Next Day Courier Service with full tracking facilities at an extra cost of £7.50. Or you can drop your bat off and collect free of charge. We will also personally collect and deliver within a 5 mile radiance at an extra cost of £5.

We aim to complete all works within 7 days, but an estimated time will be given upon completion of a quote, with the exception of our rehandling service which may take slightly longer.

Please be aware that we make every effort to ensure that any repairs endure for a long as possible, however, cricket bats are made from a natural material and we cannot fully guarantee any repairs 100%

LBW Cricket Bat Repairs - Southeast London and Kent
E-mail: info@lbwcricketbatrepairs.co.uk Mobile: 07842 473029
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